Business Leading the Way

Are you a business owner or investor eager to participate in the energy revolution?  Here’s a breakdown of how you can expand revenue, lower costs, and help save the environment:

In the new energy paradigm, businesses and investors have the opportunity to bring forth innovative solutions that are both profitable and beneficial to the community and environment.

Leading this shift is the B Corporation movement, social benefit companies based upon the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

Save Money and Help the Planet with Zero Net Energy Design

By retrofitting buildings and adopting renewable technologies, businesses and homeowners are able to lower their electric bills and reduce their eco footprint, leaving more money in the bank, and less carbon in the air.

Leading the way in energy efficiency is the  Zero Net Energy Center, the training facility working to educate the next generation of electricians to meet the needs of the emerging energy system.

With solar leasing companies like Sungevity, and clean energy providers like Ethical Electric, switching over to renewable energy has never been easier.

Investing in the Future

As the era of fossil fuels comes to an end, having a long term strategy not only makes good business sense, but is important to the health of future generations as well.

More and more companies, governments, and institutions are taking action to withdraw assets from businesses that harm the environment, and reinvest those funds into ecologically conscious, financially stable companies.

With the rise of social benefit corporations like Mosaic, who offers competitive returns on solar energy investments, individuals and companies can now easily invest in businesses that make a difference.

How governments and policy makers are building a sustainable future!